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Welcome to St Athanasius Press!

Welcome to St Athanasius Press!

Bringing and Restoring Solid Catholic Books Back Into Print
NEW!  Free USPS Media Rate Shipping All Retail Orders to USA
We will be adding 5 Hardcover book titles soon! They have been submitted to my Printer.
Inquiries can be emailed to: Please feel free to check out our Catholic books and Shop now.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to St Athanasius Press!

  1. We run a Catholic Book and Gift Shop in Edmond, OK called Trinity Mercantile LLC. Do you sell to bookstores on a wholesale basis? If so, please let us know how to proceed to set up an account.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Sorry, for got to put our contact information in the comment.

      Jo & Ricky Joyce
      Trinity Mercantile LLC
      23 S Broadway
      Edmond, OK

    2. Hi Ricky,

      Yes we offer bookstores 40% off retail and with 6 books or more we offer Free S&H. I will email you soon.

      Thanks a lot!

      In Christ, Mel Waller
      St Athanasius Press

  2. Hello,
    I have two questions:
    Is your edition of The Holy Ways of the Cross the text as published in 1875 -Edward Healy Thompson translation- or is it a modernized text?

    Also, would it be handy to give an email address on your website?

    God bless,
    Lodewijk Langeweg

    1. Thanks for your comments/questions. This is NOT a modern version. I do not recall the exact year it was published. It is an unedited reprint of the original version and is definitely pre-1923. I am sorry I am unable to be more specific.

      As to adding email, I’ll get working on that:

  3. I tried to buy the “The Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection 3 Volume Set” however entering this adresss: there were no shippong adress.

    38 Sheaffe st. -Hamliton, Ontrario
    Phone: 905-546-1830
    Zip code L8R2E7
    Kathy Vu

    1. Hi, I will have to find out what the shipping cost to Canada is and get back to you here or your email:

      Mel Waller
      St Athanasius Press

    2. Canada Ground would be $10 S&H. I can paypal invoice you if you like. I assume the correct spelling is Hamilton, Ontario

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